Senior Decision Makers From Gas Distribution Network Companies With The Following Job Titles:

  • CEOs, COOs, MDs, GMs and Presidents
  • Director of Distribution
  • Director of Asset Management
  • Director of Health, Safety & Environment
  • Director of Customer & Distribution Operations
  • Head of Asset Development
  • Head of Gas Asset Optimisation
  • Head of Corporate Strategy, Planning and Risk
  • Head of Operations
  • Head of Programme
  • Head of Stakeholder
  • Head of Strategy
  • Head Technical
  • Network Director
  • Director of Operations & Engineering
  • Safety Manager
  • Research & Technological Innovation
  • Asset Manager - gas distribution
  • Asset Strategy Manager
  • Commercial Distribution Manager
  • GIS Manager
  • Innovation Manager
  • National Incident and Leakage Manager
  • Network R&D Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Process Manager of Asset Management
  • Risk Manager of Asset Management
  • Stakeholder Manager
  • Streetwork Manager
  • Best Practice Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Gas Distribution Engineer
  • Integrity Engineer

Plus Industry Stakeholders From...

  • Pipe Manufacturers
  • Asset And Data Management Providers
  • Network Simulation Modelling Companies
  • Remote Monitoring Technology Providers
  • Lining Technology Suppliers
  • No Dig Technology Providers
  • Core And Vac Technology Innovators
  • GIS And 3D Mapping Solution Providers
  • Leak Detection Equipment Suppliers
  • Valve Providers
  • Fusion Machine Suppliers
  • Software Providers
  • Records Management Systems
  • Chartered Surveyors
  • Asset Management Consultants
  • Risk Management Consultants


Delivering A Safe And Reliable Network At The Least Cost

Ensuring safety, reliability and cost effective operation of gas distribution networks is clearly the fundamental priority of all gas distribution networks globally. Serving millions of homes and businesses any incident not only causes considerable inconvenience to consumers through loss of supply, but also poses serious risk of fatality and can trigger significant loss of revenue for asset owners.

High operating costs of ageing assets, customer dissatisfaction due to costly and intrusive pipe replacement works and third party damage to pipes are prominent challenges requiring innovation.

Understanding the latest advances in use of no dig technologies, pipe and leak detection capabilities, seeking out faster and cheaper methods of replacement, non-intrusive pipe renewal technologies will be key.

They key to optimising investment across all asset classes according to risk however will largely be driven by improving use of asset management systems. 

The Gas Distribution Network: Asset Optimisation, Life Extension & Renewal Innovation Summit 2013 provided an in-depth analysis of the most innovative techniques and technologies to reduce the cost of replacement and support a whole life, risk-based approach to asset management.

This unique international forum, was tailored exclusively for gas distribution networks and delivered a thorough investigation of the latest pipe replacement, pipe detection, live gas practices, no dig, lining and remote monitoring technologies to provide decision makers with solutions for minimising costs and service disruption whilst maintaining network integrity. 

Key Issues That Were Addressed Include:


STRATEGIC ASSET DECISION MAKING: Discovering Best Decision Making Practices For Developing A Whole Life Approach And Choosing The Optimal Time To Replace vs. Renew

RISK MANAGEMENT: Employing Intelligent Risk Based Assessment For Prioritising Investment To Maintain Assets More Effectively, Safely And Cost-Efficiently

REPLACEMENT COST REDUCTION: Outlining New Methodologies That Could Deliver Cost Efficiencies In Replacement Programme

ACCURATE PIPE DETECTION: Uncovering The Newest Technologies For Tracing Utility Pipes And Cables To Prevent Costly 3rd Party Damage

NO DIG TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION: Evaluating Advancements In No Dig, Keyhole, And Core & Vac To Significantly Reduce The Cost Of Replacement, Renewal & Refurbishment And Alleviate Traffic Congestion Concerns

MEASURING LIFETIME AND PERFORMANCE: Revealing The Latest Technologies For Quantifying The Lifetime Of Mains, Remote Monitoring And Data Collection For Accurate Database Creation And Accident Assessment

OPTIMISING ASSET LIFE: Examining Best Practices, New Materials, Components And Network Design That Could Prolong Life Of Assets Cost-Efficiently And Safely

GLOBAL SAFETY PERSPECTIVE: Learning About Varying Strategic Approaches In Terms Of Safety Standards To Benchmark KPIs And Highlight Improvements

FUTURE OF PE PIPES: Understanding The Longevity Of Polyethylene, Anticipating Polyethylene Network Problems And Learning How To Prepare For Them

Main Conference Room


O&G Series

5 Key Reasons Delegates Attended:

  • This is the only summit in the world tailored to the needs of gas distribution companies across the key issues of reducing the cost of replacement, life extension of assets, and effective application of asset data to streamline investment
  • Engage in cutting-edge strategic and technical discussions with a host of experts from leading Gas Distribution Networks from all over the world to uncover best practices in making key replacement and renewal decisions
  • Hear from 18+ experts as they scrutinise the newest technological developments in life extension of assets, pipe detection, no-dig, keyhole, core & vac, lining and asset management systems
  • Discover the latest ideas behind implementing risk based asset management approaches to prevent unnecessary costs and ensure network integrity from leading distribution companies that have already moved away from cyclical based regimes
  • Network with industry leaders in this dedicated gas distribution networks forum with extended networking opportunities at the exclusive drinks reception included in your pass at the end of after Day One


Gavle Energy

"The conference was very professional in all terms and it offered a lot of views from many different countries."


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